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Contrast Media

Our Contrast Media range of products are namely,

X-ray Segment

A Non-ionic, iodinated low osmolar contrast media Available concentration/Pack sizes
300 mg in 50 ml & 100 ml pack sizes 350 mg in 50 ml, 100 ml & 200 ml Pack sizes.

MRI segment

(Gadopentetate Dimeglumine)Non-Iodinated ContrastMedia for MRI Imaging.
Available in pack sizes of - 10 ml & 20 ml

Oral Indication

Magna-Oral(Diatrizoate Sodium)Contrast Media for Oral administration available in palatable orange Flavour in pack sizes of 30 ml & 100 ml
Magnatol (Mannitol)A negative contrast media available in palatable pineapple Flavouravailable in pack size of 100 ml.
The diagnostic agents offered by Magnus Health are Manufactured/Marketed by Magnus Health targeted for imaging modalities likeX-ray (Including Computerized Tomography) Magnetic Resonance Imaging.Our range of contrast media products complies with various local and international standards and are FDA approved and complies the WHO GMP guidelines, all this provides safety to the patients and peace of mind to the medical fraternity.
At Magnus Health we are committed to provide quality processes and products that are aligned with the needs of Medical fraternity and we are focused on improving the overall Healthcare management process.
At Magnus Health we are dedicated to provide evidence-based diagnostic imaging solutions to enable more accurate diagnoses for better patient management.

Negative Contrast Media

Magnatol (Mannitol)A negative contrast media
Available in palatable pineapple Flavour
Available in pack size of 100 ml.

Disposables - Devices

With an objective to provide imaging products under one roof, for Pressure Injectorsfor administering contrast media we have tied up with a company based at Hong Kong named APOLLO RT. For the APO RT’s range of Injectors we are the authorized marketers of Injectors for CT Modality.

Pressure Injectors

APO 100 (Single head Injector) Its design is the perfect balance between features and ease to use, which makes APO 100 the best highly cost-effective choice of contrast media Injector.
APO 200 (Dual Head Injector) – Is indeed the best compromise between innovation, Sophistication, Safety Power (350 PSI), Ease of use, Reliability and Affordable price among all dual syringe CT Injectors.

Pulse Oxymeter

Dental Imaging

Service & Support

  • Our service engineers are trained professionally and are committed to provide reliable services.
  • To ensure quality services we use only genuine spare parts that are procured from mother warehouse.

Dental Imaging

To complement our portfolio we also deal in Dental Imaging products. We have recognized and tied up with as the exclusive channel partner of Satelac India Pvt Ltd a wholly owned subsidiary of the Acteon Group which is the sole selling agent of the Sorodex brand of dental imaging systems.Sorodex is based out of Finland and has been in the business of manufacturing dental imaging systems for about 2 decades.

Currently Sorodex has an installation base of 600+ machines worldwide. In India, Sorodex works solely through its representative the Acteon/Satelac group and has only recently introduced their dental imaging systems. The Satelac group already has approx. 24 engineers pan-India at 10 different locations. 

Dental imaging offerings

Cone Beam 3D Imaging (CBCT)


SCANORA 3DX: Is a comprehensive tool for high definition cone beam CT imaging. It allows ENT (ORL) and dento-maxillofacial surgeons to make accurate diagnostics, precise treatment planning for implant, ENT & Oral surgery, and efficiently follow up on the treatment. Technically superior, and on top, super easy to use. The 3DX offers a greater variety of field-of-view (FOV) options, from small highlight scans to large, overall head and neck imaging. 
SCANORA 3D:Is a comprehensive tool for high definition cone beam CT and optional 2D panoramic imaging. Balances excellent image quality with low radiation doses. The design supports convenient patient positioning and easy workflow.
CRANEX 3D: Sets the standard for modern high quality dental imaging. Versatile panoramic 2D/3D, combined with cone beam 3D and cephalometric options, makes day-to-day imaging easy, accurate and adjustable. The compact design supports stable patient positioning, efficient workflow and precise diagnoses.

Benchmark Achievement

We at Magnus are proud of the fact that we are the first Dental CT company to have our own demo cum training suite in South Mumbai where we have installed our premium scanner the Scanora 3D. Doctors wanting to purchase a CBCT can spend time at this site to evaluate the equipment before deciding to purchase. Doctors who showcases interest to buy our CBCT system have the provision to spend time at this site or send their representatives/technicians who can be trained at this site in the period before the arrival of their unit. This may result in a lot of time saved and a much shorter learning curve by which the doctor can immediately start working with their new equipment as soon as it is delivered. At our site we have dedicated application training staff as well as engineers available to make the doctor and his representative/technician familiar with the machine and the software.
The objective of this site is to enhance the confidence which the doctors have in us resulting in a win-win relationship for both the doctor and the company.

Other Imaging Accessories

MRI Compatible Pulse Oximeter

Magnus has tied up with Emco Meditek an ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 13485:2003 certified company, was formed in the year 1989 with the main objective of manufacturing and Marketing of Electronic Medical equipment. The equipment are designed and manufactured indigenously with the assistance of technology
Obtained from leading Medical Equipment manufacturing companies around the world especially USA, UK and Germany.

Emco Meditek has been manufacturing Pulse Oximeter since 1989, with an installation base of more than 8000 Pulse Oximeters. EMCO oxi-mri 3600 MRI compatible pulse oximeter is the latest offering incorporating fiber optic spO2 sensor, for MRI environment compatibility.

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