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Other Imaging Accessories/software

  • RADIO – Front office software for Radiology & Pathology
  • Colour Printers

About VitaSol

VitaSol Infotech Pvt Ltd. is founded with an objective to become one of the key IT players in mid-size Health Care sector across India and Asia Pacific countries. Company is backed by strong management team comprising of a doctor and software professionals with 20+ years of experience working in some of the leading corporate IT companies.

RADIO at a glance

RADIO is a comprehensive, customizable and feature rich product that caters to the end to end requirements of a Diagnostic Centre. The product can be tailored to the unique needs of your Diagnostic centre by opting for those specific features that cater to your business requirement. The system provides ability to customize and optimize screen to capture Patient Information. One can generate Patients’ Clinical Reports in multiple formats e.g. Microsoft Word format, user friendly inbuilt report format. The product delivers Regulatory reports and comprehensive set of MIS reports. These reports give insight into Business, Finance and Marketing related Information at the click of a button.

Radio A Feature rich product

  • One time license, no license renewal needed.
  • Upload PNDT data onto PNDT website on a click of a button.
  • Providing comfort of data in your own premises.
  • Ensures continuity of operation in absence of internet.